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A Mid-Quarter Letter from Your Teacher 

Dear Third Grade Families,
    It’​s hard to believe we have already been in school together for one month.  It feels like yesterday we were just unpacking our bags for the first time, curious and anxious with what all awaits us in a new grade.  Now, we apply methods to our scientific thinking, we notice and wonder new curiousities about the communities here and around the world, we read “closely” and not like Henry from “The Incredible Book Eating Boy” – gobbling up books without understanding our intent, and we can strategize to solve real world life problems that include tricks in mutliplication and divsion too!  And best of all, we can do all of this with a positive mindset, saying “I can’t...yet!” to all those “I can’t” moments that arrive when faced with new challenges.  And just think, we’re just getting warmed up!

Stay sharp, 
Mr. Heisserer






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September 19–23, 2016



  • Reading: Developing Reading Fluency: Helen Keller text
  • Grammar: Fragment Sentences
  • Spelling: Introduce/Assign Spelling Words 
  • Handwriting: Review cursive lowercase l
  • Math: Module 1 Review
  • Social Studies: Rural Communities
  • Reading: Building Background Knowledge about Physical Geography: What Makes it Hard for Some People to Get Books?
  • Grammar: Sentence Fragments
  • Handwriting: Cursive lowercase h
  • Math: Module 1 Review
  • Science:  Environmental Action – Wasting Paper
  • Reading: Reading Maps: Locating the Countries We Have Been Reading About
  • Grammar: Run-on Sentences
  • Handwriting: Cursive lowercase h
  • Math: Module 1 Benchmark Assessment
  • Social Studies: Map Grids
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Room 6 earned the
cleanest room award this week!


We have a change in our regular schedule...

  1. Weekly Paper Pass Backs will be sent home on Thursday and due by Monday this week in preparation for…
  2. Math Benchmark Assessment on Thursday. Complete and review Study Guide each night until Thursday then get ready for…
  3. PAWS Party for 20 Bulldogs this Friday (THE FIRST CLASS IN ALL OF MATTHEWS! WOOHOO!) 









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